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5 Things You Should Ask If You Own, Produce, or Deliver Transaction Documents in A/NZ

Posted by BrettDashwood on September 19, 2013

Knowledge Drives Productivity

Our accredited education for transaction document professionals focuses on core technologies and practices. We empower your staff to achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and quality; mitigating risk and improving morale.

If you are a manager for one of the following:

  • Document Owner, such as a bank, utility, telco, or other large data-driven document owner
  • Document Producer, such as a service bureau, printer, or mail house
  • Hardware or Software Vendor supplier to Document Owners or Document Producers
  • Document Delivery Facilitator, such as a national post office or digital mail provider

...then I believe you should ask yourself 5 questions

  1. Is professional development around customer communication document production and document systems lifecycle important to your business?
  2. Are you interested in your staff producing better work-products faster by applying knowledge of the entire document workflow?
  3. Would you like better communication between internal & external teams across your document projects?
  4. Would having a greater understanding of their role in the processes and lifecycle of document production motivate your team?
  5. Would you like to be one of the first in Australia to join over 250 acadami-trained internationally certified Electronic Document Associates?

If the answer to one, a number, or all of these questions is Yes, then please contact The Document Institute and enquire about having staff, supervisors, and managers attend the next acadami Transaction Document Specialist Schools in Melbourne or Sydney starting in November. More details can be found here.

Successful completion of the three assessed courses that make up the acadami Transaction Document Specialist School qualifies participants that have been in the industry for 2+ years to apply for their Electronic Document Associate (EDA) certification from Xplor International, the global document systems industry association.

Please contact The Document Institute to make bookings or if you would like further information.

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