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Canon: More Professional than just Print – by Day

Posted by BrettDashwood on June 9, 2013

During PacPrint recently, I was invited by Canon Professional Print to join one of the small groups of customers and prospects as they talked, lunched, and toured the exceptional Port Melbourne facility of On-Demand.  Established some 25 years ago by owner and Managing Director Bruce Peddlesden, On-Demand is arguably Australia's foremost provider of digital print solutions.

On-Demand in Port MelbourneThe main reason to visit and tour On-Demand was to experience and witness in operation the “lean & green” print manufacturing of the No. 1 selling inkjet system in the world today – the Océ ColorStream 3700 (CS3700).  The installation of the CS3700 (actually as a Color Stream 3500) some 18 months earlier was the first such installation in Australia. You can view a promotional video of On-Demand’s operation below.

Inside the Color Stream 3700Colin McKenzie, Business Development Manager at Canon hosted the lunch and tour on behalf of CPP with Herbert Kieleithner, National Manager - Digital Web Press Technology.  Bruce Peddlesden made some very valid points for those considering the move to this world leading printing system in their own environment, “the right paper and the right staff are paramount to get the most out of the technology,” which is especially important when running at over 100 metres a  minute with full colour, full variable pages without slowing down.  After hearing a few more words from Colin and Mr Peddlesden about how the CS3700 has a 98% uptime and how the technology has been instrumental in gaining new business for On-Demand, who also have a small fleet of HP Indigo’s, we were lead through to the production room.  Once inside, we were able to see some of the unique features of the CS3700, including printing from start up and stopping the production without paper waste, the ease – and cleanliness – of changing ink, as well as many other incomparable features.

It was amazing to hear the excitement and intrigue from the guests as they pictured this technology in their own environments.  One of the people I spoke to – head of operations from an 8 site inplant operation – suggested that his only major concern is that the CS3700 may be too quick and that even by pooling work from all 8 sites, they may not be able to keep it busy enough.  A problem I’m sure many of us would like to have.

Significant interest in On-Demand's ColorStream 3700

To experience Canon’s continued professionalism by night, you can check out my accompanying article about Canon Professional Print’s launch event.

View On-Demand’s promotional video by clicking the image or link below:


10 June 2013
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