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The Document Institute exists to help transform businesses, people, and the documents they create. Through Educating and Consulting, The Document Institute works with businesses along every step of the medium to high volume personalised customer communication management (CCM) lifecycle.

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Companies waste millions of dollars every year through acceptance of poor practices because they are the status quo, or they don't know what they don't know and are simply unaware of the critical functions that are costing them money.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a broad area within the overall Customer Experience (CX) and yet contains a number of very specialist areas. It is these specialist - often unknown - areas that typically produce the most waste and are costing millions.

As the #1 in Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of High-Volume Data-Driven Documents, The Document Institute specialises in the complex areas across the Document Production Workflow and around the Document Systems Lifecycle.  Utilising the decades of international knowledge and experience from our industry experts, we are able to help transform people and the documents they create, through educating and consulting.

We work with businesses along every step of the medium to high volume personalised CCM lifecycle, which includes transaction documents, regulatory and governance documents, as well as high-end, data-driven direct marketing.

Everything from Data to Delivery!

Traditionally a document was "information on paper".  Today, the information is the document, regardless of the medium of communication. 

Currently, physical printed mail is increasingly supplemented by electronic documents. These not only include emails with a variety formats, links, and attachments - such as PDF files, images, and video - but also personalised landing pages arrived at from mobile apps, personalised URLs (pURLs), scanning QR Codes, and now augmented reality (AR), as well as the continual evolution to incorporate social networks.


The body of knowledge made available by The Document Institute includes all facets of high volume Document Infrastructure.  The printers, the printer control languages, document generation software, mail inserter technology, postal rate management, response strategies and mechanisms, resource and campaign management, as well as interfacing with other technologies such as smart phones and the mobile web, all come within our areas of expertise.

The Document Institute evolved from Dashwood Consulting, an Australian company that was formed in early 2008 to provide technology, training, and consultative business services to a large range of companies to support effective communication through documents and the web.

Today, The Document Institute educates businesses and works to develop more effective and valuable personalised document-based communication solutions.

The businesses we serve include:

  • Document Owners – those who need medium to high volume personalised customer communication documents created;
  • Document Producers and other Service Providers – printers, mail houses, and service bureaux. The businesses that actually produce the documents for the Document Owners;
  • Vendors – the businesses that provide the hardware and software to enable the documents to be created, produced, and delivered by the Document Owners or the Document Producers; as well as
  • Postal Organisations and other facilitators of document delivery, whether physical or electronic.

As experts in document and customer communication solutions, The Document Institute can help you with everything from data to delivery.

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"when you must deliver the right message, to the right people, right now...with zero waste"

In addition to our own services and partners, we continue to develop an enviable network of trusted trade and professional providers, whose services are available to our customers and partners within our network.

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