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CCM & Output Advisory Services

Independent, objective & specialist advice for those who create, manage, and deliver high-volume personalised customer communication

global-information.jpgClients regard The Document Institute as #1 in providing independent, objective advice in the areas of preparing, processing, producing and delivering high-volume personalised customer communication.

Whether destined for print or digital delivery, the process of choosing suppliers or technology to create your customer communication typically occurs every 2, 3, 5, or more years.  Over this time, we often see significant personnel changes, but also massive change in the systems and technology used.

Over decades, our knowledge and expertise in the printing, communication, and electronic document industries has been accumulated through working with clients on 5 continents across the entire document systems lifecycle.  We have helped them implement innovative solutions to deliver exceptional customer communication solutions that achieve amazing results.

Request for Quote, Proposal or Tender?

Whether you go through a request for tender or request for proposal process, are you asking the right questions?

Have the right team on your side

Where it’s not your ‘core business’, appreciation for the level of awareness personnel need to have prior to embarking on new corporate strategies or projects is very important.

Our global experience tells us that when businesses make strategic changes to the process and workflow of creating their customer communication, there tends to be an awareness gap in the specialist areas across the Document Production Workflow.

This is likely the most complex of all enterprise systems to implement and manage, and therefore a specialist area that many companies feel is simple, but as our clients testify, it’s anything but.

Are you asking the right questions of your potential suppliers?

When selecting the best technology and suppliers for your most important customer communications, it’s important to have the right team on your side.

Facilitating the Conversation & Solution

For businesses responding to RFQ’s, RFP’s or RFT’s, or needing a Think Tank approach to solving internal or customer solutions, The Document Institute's Consultants each have decades of global experience in facilitating the architecture of highly complex customer communication solutions locally, regionally, and globally.

It’s often easier to get objective views from an industry expert when major decisions need to be worked through, so by utilising our experts, we can help in the research and implementation of many of your projects

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business in this specialist area, please contact us today.