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Technical Education

Decades of experiences in the electronic document systems industry has lead to us being directly involved in a large number of solutions globally, covering a very large number of software and hardware technologies that create, use or manage documents, whether printed or electronic.

Some examples of Technical subjects available for standard or custom education include:

  • Printing Systems
  • Page Description Languages (PDLs)
  • Production environments
  • Reporting & process integration
  • Typography
  • Machine readable symbologies
    • such as Barcodes, QR Code, OMR, MICR, OCR, etc
  • Data/Character sets
    • such as Single-byte, Double-byte, Multi-byte, Unicode, Bi-directional, etc

Transaction Document Specialist School by acadami

If you or your staff have a need to be updated or simply more technically aware of any of these or other technologies involved in the creation, use, or management of printed or electronic documents, please contact us with your thoughts and requirements.