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Vendors are those companies that provide the hardware and software to enable documents and other personalised customer communications to be created, produced, manipulated, transformed, and delivered.

It is the vendors who are often looked at by their Document Owner and Document Producer customers for advice and direction. These are natural queries as it is the vendors that see the many different environments in which their solution has been implemented.

Typically their knowledge and experience is unmatched with their own technology, however they often don't have the time, resource, or opportunity to ensure that their experience and knowledge is kept broad across the industry.  This leads to individuals being siloed, often reacting only to their customers and prospects needs and desires, rather than being able to always grasp the full impact of the industry at large.

Over decades in the industry, we have worked with many individual Vendors, multi-vendor Document Producer and Document Owner environments, and across many countries.

Whether it is base education for new staff, ongoing development of more experienced, long-term staff, or a co-engagement with your own customers, The Document Institute has an Education solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Having worked with many companies thorughout the industry at various levels over the years, The Document Institute or also in a prime position to assist with project or business direction and development with our Consulting services.

Vendors in the industry that we can work with cover all facets of the customer communication document lifecycle; everything from data to delivery:

Software Vendor technology covers areas including:

  • Data Handling, Sorting, and Processing
  • Document Composition
  • Data and Print Stream Manipulation
  • Print Stream Transformation
  • Printer Management
  • Electronic Presentment and other Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Archive

Hardware Vendor technology covers areas including:

  • Printing Systems
  • Pre and Post Print Devices
    • Stock handling
    • Roll winder/unwinder
    • Impact printing (eg. MICR)
    • In line finishing
  • Dumb and Intelligent Inserting systems
  • Finishing Equipment