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From business and senior managers

Brett Dashwood has a deep domain knowledge across the entire production workflow of variable, data-driven printing and publication needs and environments. He also has true practical experience of effective data use for customer communication and other needs for both B2B or B2C.

"Kodak have chosen to work with Brett and The Document Institute for these reasons and I find it very beneficial to continually educate our people in the whole area of data management for variable printing applications.  Brett recently ran a workshop for Kodak in Singapore with staff from 7 countries. He upskilled our team, while increasing awareness of data use, data management, data presentation, and a whole lot more.

"With decades of global experience across a diverse range of vertical and geographic markets, there are not too many in the world who have Brett’s broad spectrum of experience and knowledge in the one package. Because of this unique skillset, I highly recommend that people utilise Brett Dashwood and The Document Institute.”

Rodd Harrison
Sales & Marketing Director, Enterprise Inkjet Systems, Asia Pacific Region

Brett Dashwood has forgotten more than most of us will ever know about high-volume documents and customer communication.

"The Document Institute provided invaluable assistance and guidance for a major e-billing project and assistance with introducing a significant new automated document production system into the business.

"After engaging The Document Institute to conduct a performance audit of our Document Management maturity, we were presented with an insightful look at our capability and recommendations for improvements.  We then consulted heavily with The Document Institute as we proceeded to expand our own internal capability and the assistance was fantastic from both a technical and a higher level advisory capacity.”

Damian Heffernan
Manager, Business Information Services
Yarra Valley Water

Brett, I approached The Document Institute because you have the local and global experience and IP I was looking for to expand our team’s knowledge. Your internationally recognised training was what we needed to meet our specialist needs. Because it’s not AMP’s core business, your expertise in the complete end-to-end document production workflow, significantly helped our team that is embedded within this complex specialist area. After completing only the initial 2 days, we saw better, more specific, and more confident communication between internal and external stakeholders, in areas such as colour and mailing, that previously would have been pushed to multiple meetings or been otherwise delayed.

Because The Document Institute has saved us heaps of time since completing your initial training, we are now determining the next teams and individuals that should get exposure to understanding this complex workflow. I wholeheartedly recommend The Document Institute to increase productivity and efficiency when creating your personalised customer communication.

Michael Bottrill
Head of Customer Communications | Operations

“Realising that a major customer communication system needs to be implemented within a professional environment, nib selected The Document Institute to provide staff with core document production competencies.

We started with no understanding of print ready vs. production ready and thanks to The Document Institute, our staff came out of the training with a very big eye opener. We thought we were going to do one thing but realised that we definitely aren't going to do that.”

Stephen Hinton
Senior Project Manager
NIB Health Funds

“At the Lamson Paragon Group we are always looking for opportunities to improve our performance.  The Document Institute has great knowledge and insight from real industry experience in document management and production.  They helped us find numerous opportunities that added further value to our existing partners. This led to savings for our partners, as well as a stronger relationship and brand presence for us. The additional expertise truly added value to all stakeholders.”

Rodney Frost
Group General Manager
The Lamson Paragon Group of Companies

Brett, I loved the presentation, it was professional and to the point.  Exactly what we were looking for.  Your ability to apply your broad knowledge to any industry, along with your quick and committed turn around with great follow up, enabled an easy transition from our 1st discussion to initial inception.  You researched and engaged all parties to gain a holistic picture of our project and you offered solutions outside the norm of my business, including the ability to gather 3rd parties to adopt logical options, again bringing a different thought process to the final outcome.

Craig Fyall
Dealer Principal
Dandenong Nissan, Dandenong Kia

Enjoyed the White Paper Brett – a great high level view of things. I think it’s a good checklist for businesses looking at insourcing, and if they hadn’t considered them already, I would certainly agree that they probably do not understand what they are getting into.

Giles Hill
Managing Director
Sefas Innovation Ltd

“Well designed courses that would add benefit to any company looking to increase their ability to work more collaboratively within their business and with clients.  The content covers the entire supply chain and ensures participants come out with a more rounded knowledge. The course is suitable to those interacting with clients, customer service teams, and the IT department.”

Senior Operations Manager
Major Australian Print & Mail Service Bureau

From some course participants

"Great 2 days. Enjoyed it very much. Excellent Content.
Speed of delivery was excellent. Thanks guys.
It is clear you are both experts in this field! Felt confident with your knowledge and explanations.
Thank you for a wonderful session this week
Facility at Printing Industries is excellent!