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Postal & Delivery Providers

Postal Organisations and other facilitators of document delivery, whether physical or electronic.

Traditionally, a country's (typically government run) Postal Organisation has been responsible for receiving and delivering all mail; whether a parcel, a postcard, or a document in an envelope.

Although Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solutions have been in many countries in many different guises for many years, it is only in recent times that a legitimate choice for secure document delivery online has been available.

The medium is irrelevant, but Postal Organisations and other Document Delivery Facilitators need to manage the receipt and delivery of personalised customer communication from the Document Owner or Document Producer to the final recipient.

The Document Institute are well versed in many of the processes and technologies involved in delivering documents, including Electronic Delivery and Hybrid Mail.  As it's name suggests, Hybrid Mail is a hybrid of physical and electronic documents.  Ultimately this is about delivering physical mail, however there are significant time and logistics savings involved when a Hybrid Mail solution is implemented.  Fundamentally it is about keeping the mail in an electronic format closer to the point of destination.

We have been involved with the architecture, implementation, and management of postal and other delivery solutions, including large scale Hybrid Mail implementations in and across multiple countries.

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