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13 Critical Functions All Document Owners Must Know

Over recent years, many document owners have made the decision to bring more of the document composition and production processes in-house for their personalised customer communication.

There are many valid reasons to do this, however the relevant stakeholders’ depth of awareness across these functions is critical.

A failure to understand and appropriately manage these 13 critical functions can result in the waste of millions of dollars. They are listed below, or you can register to view the full white-paper.

  1. Transaction Documents
  2. Document Objects
  3. Data
  4. Document Composition
  5. Print & other Presentation Streams
  6. Manipulation & Transformation
  7. Presentation Stream & Print
  8. Archiving, as well as Multi-channel
    Technology & Delivery
  9. Printing Technologies & Processes
  10. Production Environment
  11. Paper
  12. Inserting Technologies & Processes
  13. Postal Practices, Standards & Delivery


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Enjoyed the White Paper Brett – a great high level view of things. I think it’s a good checklist for businesses looking at insourcing, and if they hadn’t considered them already, I would certainly agree that they probably do not understand what they are getting into.

Giles Hill - Managing Director
Sefas Innovation Ltd

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Should you need a greater awareness across these 13 critical functions, The Document Institute#1 in Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of High-Volume Data-Driven Documents – offers education and consulting services in these areas to help transform your business and the documents you create.

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